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"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

-- Ray Goforth

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We believe in a complete solution were we can help you all the way


Combolt has created innovative and risk reducing solutions in bolts and replacement nuts, reducing installation and assembly time in numerous areas.

This is one of numerous solutions that we have provided customers around the world.

We can help you with everything from sketching up your idea to helping with business model and being a helping hand from idea to finished product



Business development

To constantly develop, to create and improve with willing individuals and companies for outstanding results

Together we are strong and right there we see our strength. Our team consists of experienced business developers with the goal of making your business the best possible



Design is a work process which has a user perspective and drives development based on your specific needs.

Methods and approaches differ depending on what you are developing but whether that involves processes in the construction sector or product development at a company we can say with certainty that design will help you to find new solutions.


3D sketching and drawing

3D sketching and drawing is one of our strongest tools in getting as close to reality as possible in a fast an efficient way

By using Solidworks we can quick and easy sketch up our customers thoughts and get a visual file, an effective way to get your thoughts on the desk.

Meet our CEO & Founder

ALEXANDER J.S HARPA is the founder of Combolt, since Alexander was young he dreamed of being an inventor. Always wanting to do something better was not always something that was appreciated by his parents. New toys were "destroyed" and rebuilt. The destruction of them was clear in many eyes, but what they did not see was the young boy's mind flowing freely. To do something better can for some be perceived as destroying the working existing. What Alexander sees is an opportunity for improvement within all the existing. He describes his goal as a vision far beyond the distance, for him the goal is not important but it's the journey with the huge possibilities

Alexander is today responsible for the entire team and the important decisions. He ensures that everyone involved in a project has everything they need to succeed and make the customer happy about the outcome. He is our most experienced business consultant and always willing to help


Alexander J.S Harpa

To be effective, one must also be able to clear the mind, Alexander does so best when he packs his bag and drive up to the Swedish mountains, puts his tent up and go down to the river with a fly fishing rod in his hand


Business developer with experience in construction & design.
Alexander is an educated production engineer and has also studied technique and design.

Win a LLC 2013
Alfred Nobel Create (Future innovator 2014)


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+46 (0) 738071925

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